“WHERE? WHEN? WHY??? A Portrait of Vasan Sitthiket”

Picture 1.jpg

Liliane Zumkemi presents
“WHERE? WHEN? WHY??? A Portrait of Vasan Sitthiket”

The Substation Gallery
22 Nov – 2 Dec, 11am – 9pm
Free admission
Closing Event: Poetry Reading by Vasan Sitthiket, December 2,  7 – 9 pm

Installation work by Bangkok based artist Liliane Zumkeni. Enlarged polaroids depicting the front and back of tshirts belonging to Thai artist Vasan Sittihiket. On each of the 227 pictures are answers to the questions Where? When? Why? the shirt was worn for the first time.

The social self of Vasan Sittikhet has become an intriguing subject matter for Liliane Zumkemi to explore. A Bangkok based Swiss artist, Zumkemi works with Sittikhet’s t- shirts, which he has consistently produced simultaneously which national events according to domestic and international social political phenomena since the late 1980s. She has photographed his t-shirt series from the back and from the front, interviewed him, and wrote under the images in response to the questions, “where,” “when” and “why.” It has been an interesting collaboration and process because the t- shirts have transformed Sittikhet’s activities and ideas into object of interest for her.




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