Ranging from jazz, rock, pop, to classical, Budak Pantai [BP] have all kinds of arrangements that border on the ‘unorthodox’ and ‘interestingly strange’. This quality keeps BP exploring new angles to making music. They haven’t kept strictly within the confines of a cappella (actually they don’t!) and having also made the odd venture into accompanied music (e.g. a cappella guitar etc).
Hailed as the “fathers” of local a cappella music, BP is the second oldest a cappella group with a decade behind them since they formed in 1994 and are one of the accidental pioneers of the now-defunct “Aka A Cappella” series. Some of the other notable achievements that the group is especially proud of include the pleasure of making music with the likes of Kym Ng, Jeff Chang, Sky Wu, Sandy Lam and David Tao. They were also featured in “Sing Singapore” in 1998 and in 2000 complete with their own music video for “Singapore Town” and had worked with Iskandar Ismail on numerous other projects.

In 2005, BP also had the privilege to be featured on TV (Bandwidth, Arts Central) and to make a cameo appearance in an upcoming local movie titled “February 29”. In November 2005, the group flew to Penang along with other artistes to represent Singapore in a variety show which pays a tribute to the richness of music in Singapore and Malaysia. Other than that, they released their 4th album, a compilation album which comprised of familiar and new tunes at their ‘Christmas’ concert held in December at the Esplanade concert hall. Till today, 11 yrs later, they are still going strong as an entertaining quintet with 4 albums to their names !

Described as “professional yet eccentric & believers of the freedom to express (more like “butcher”) almost every song they arrange, with a big dollop of Budak humor.”, they trade in business attire and etiquette to entertain those in the know, on one Friday every month @ blue Moo cafe on the rooftop of YMCA Orchard. The fact that they do not perform to musical scores means you may not hear a song sung in the same way the next time they perform it!

Budak Pantai is certainly one of the best kept secrets in the local entertainment circuit.


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