ALAMAK!!! 阿拉上海!!!!!





原来他-庄明让-就是每次要麻烦我用thumb drive传照片给他的那一个人!!!

paiseh paiseh !!

hahhah anyway!
ah BOB就在这里向大家介绍介绍啦!!!

please click here ya !!!!



《ALAMAK!!! 阿拉上海!!!!!》有5个想法

  1. I Love His Comics!

    That’s the very first thing I turn to when I get the papers every Sunday. I used to work in Shanghai for a few years, his comics never fail to tickle me. It’s a good way to keep in touch with what’s up in Shanghai these days too.

    Please tell him I love his work! A lot!

    Thanks for the link, I didn’t know it can be found on the web!

    I LOVE!

  2. okok. i love his work too.. and i just told him this morning… kakakka bcos after sooooooo long then i know tht he is the GUY!!!!!!!!!…….

    kakkakak ..
    then he said lucky i am a papa liao. if not he will run away. bcos i suddenly say i love his comic after so long…. kakakkakkakakakakakaka


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