16 thoughts on “关于ah bob”

  1. Hello Bob,

    You still look the same in your birthday photo-leh! Came across your name while searching online for the art scene in Singapore and Malaysia, and eventually led me to your photos and this blog. Congratulations on your achievements and your soon to be borned baby, gonna be a dad already-huh?! Can’t believe it! I am still in the U.S., moved to San Francisco two months ago from Phoenix, in the transition of looking for a permanent job while figuring out my next step as an artist. Maybe I should talk to you more about the chances of making it if I return to Malaysia. Okay, will talk to you again soon.

    Wei Meng

  2. Hi Bob,
    So what do you think about making it back in Singapore as an artist? Any chances? Do you know any people in the gallery or museum? I have contacted Utterly Art, proposing to them for having a show there next year…still negotiating. Have you been there? Is it a good gallery to represent my work? It’s hard to know from far away. I hope you can give me some insights about having shows in Singapore, since you had two already. Important things such as promotion, announcements and publicity to attract

  3. hI bOB,
    eNJOY YR REEADING YR aH bOH’s article on Wobao.
    Full of humor and can really sense yr anticipation arrival of yr baby boy..
    Will continue to read and next week likely is the birth of yr baby right?

  4. Hi Bob,

    I got remedy for the “dou dou” on ur ah boy’s face. Just use ur ah boy’s morning
    urine to tap on those ” dou dou”. It is very effective. My babysitter used tis’ method for my son when he was a baby too.

  5. Hi Mr Lee 您好,
    I’m a dip grad in communication design and I’m hopin if I cld ask you a few questions with regards to being a photojournalist as im interested in goin into this profession…
    I’ll really appreciate your help, thanks in advance? lol


  6. 李大哥你好,





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